with pvi collective (2015)

part audio-driven intervention, part real-life video game, blackmarket invites you into a dark underworld of unlicensed street selling and entrepreneurial trading.

in the world of the game, the global financial crisis has arrived and you must fight for survival as a ‘hustler’ within a black market economy. you will be exposed to an underground economic structure – goods and services are available but cash has no value. you must trade your possessions in return for survival skills and services.

you will be encouraged to learn to adapt and to mould themselves into more capable creatures and find your true usefulness within a new black market economy.

you trade with the goods you bring with you that night, hustling with shadowy figures down darkened alleyways, arranging rendezvous points and peddling your wares in order to get what you think you need to cope with an impending societal collapse.

from psychological coping mechanisms to urban survival skills and weaponising garbage, blackmarket is highly immersive, instruction based and perversely fun.

join the fight for survival.


“The psychological friction of this role-playing world rubbing up against reality made Blackmarket an initially daunting and ultimately quite thrilling experience.” Stephen Bevis, The West Australian

How to play

photos by James Brown

Devised by: pvi collective – Kelli McCluskey & Steve Bull with Steve Berrick & Chris Williams
Economic Consultancy: Michael Chappell
Sound Pieces: Jason Sweeney
Voiceovers: Kate Neylon
Design: pvi collective
Development & Programming: Steve Berrick & Chris McCormick
Branding & Visual Design: Chris Nixon