You Are Swan

with Alex McEwenJerrem Lynch and Dan Moller (2011)

You Are Swan is a multiscreen, multiplayer game built for the Laneway Festival in the Perth Cultural Centre, February 2011.

The wetland space in the Cultural Centre was a perfect setting for a game showcasing Western Australia’s iconic black swans. After a swan briefing, players were mustered to the control zone where they would adopt the skeleton detection position. Once detected, players could steer their swan using the angle between their hands, this allowed players to adopt a child-like plane pose, a penguin pose or a more hilarious superman pose. Simple gameplay rules; you hit a rock, you explode: the other swan wins.

Video by Jerrem.

Laptop 1 (Controller Screen):

  • Kinect sensor
  • openFrameworks app
  • OSC -> Laptop 2
  • Output to a 3K projector

Laptop 2 (Game Screen):

  • OSC <- Laptop 1
  • Unity app
  • Output to a 5K projector


The game has since been updated to run on a single laptop using a Matrox DualHead2Go to output to 2 projectors. Gameplay options have been tweaked for more fun 2 player action.