In Transit


“In Transit is an initiative of Foodchain, the City of Perth’s all-ages music and arts program. The project’s aims are twofold; to provide emerging young artists with much needed exhibition space, and to enliven disused, publicly accessible sites with exciting and innovative contemporary arts programming. In Transit was a six-month pilot program that proposed new ways of utilising disused buildings in public sites. Two shops in the Wellington Street Bus Station were turned into screen spaces and graced with predominantly new works from 46 early career artists aged under 35.” (from

During the past 3 years, I have been developing an image manipulation program built to live control photographic slideshows. The program, ImageBlaster, enables the user to harness sets of photos and live control how they are overlayed and multiplied upon each other in combination with ever-changing coloured backgrounds. Live control allows variation within the number of photos to overlay, the timing associated with their life onscreen, and how the different photos interact graphically with each other.

The program can be actively played or passively watched, and in its purest form is a generative slideshow aimed at providing a subtle dreamlike experience for the viewer.

For In Transit,  I collated a 40 minute work – the result of 6 hours of recorded and re-edited ImageBlasting. The input photo set was comprised of photos taken during the last 4 years, and stresses themes of urban construction, decay and identity, and street art / graffiti.